Cell Phone Home Security versus Landline Home Security

Parents with baby and mother with cell phone 89791804Landline home security is definitely the tried and true system connection, but it’s getting a run for its money with the development of cell phone home security connections. When anything wireless or cordless has come on the market, consumers scramble to get it; the convenience, the novelty, the newness, and the possibilities of it all are extremely enticing. Thankfully, wireless technology works well – so well, in fact, that we now have multiple types of home security without landline connection including wireless home security, broadband security, security system over VoIP, and cell phone home security. Focusing on the latter, let’s consider what it has to offer that may be better for your home security than landline services.


Do you still have a landline for your home? If you do, you are part of a group that’s rapidly disappearing. According to recent nationwide surveys, approximately two in five American adults don’t have a landline for their home, and even of those who do have landlines, 16% receive all or almost all of their telephone calls on their cellular devices rather than their landlines. Judging by our cultural dependence on cell phones, cell phone home security seems like the natural progression of the security system. So why hang onto a landline just for your home security system when you can consolidate and go completely cellular?


Cell phone home security is increasingly more affordable than other forms of home security because it’s cheaper to maintain and it’s higher in demand. Some home security companies have quit selling home security with other communication systems entirely and switched over to cellular security. Cellular security systems are also easier to install, which makes them more affordable because you don’t have to call in technicians to do it for you.cell-174426932


A security system cellular connection is going to be stable and reliable. Unlike broadband security or other security system internet coverage connections that can cut out on occasion or lose power when there’s an electrical outage, a cell phone home security system will always retain power as long as there are functioning cell phone towers within the area. This makes cellular security systems incredibly reliable as compared to other wireless security systems.

Remote Access

Home security without landline lends itself automatically to remote access because you don’t have to be attached to a wire to control it. Being able to remotely access your home security system is a huge convenience, the possibilities of which you likely haven’t begun to imagine. Can you imagine installing video surveillance and then being able to watch the recordings – or even stream live footage – from halfway across the country? Can you imagine being able to enable the alarm system from the office when your teenager lets you know she’ll be at a friend’s house all afternoon, or disabling the alarm system because she got home early from soccer practice? Cell phone home security gives you remote access from your cell phone so that you are connected to your home anytime, anywhere.

Obviously, home security doesn’t have to be cellular to be able to protect your home from dangers and threats. And there are still plenty of other good communication options for your home security system. But if you’re looking into home security and you want to get home security without landline service, cell phone home security is an excellent way to go.

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