The Home Security System through the Centuries

Even though today’s home security system uses a lot of technology that has only been around for a matter of decades, home security has been a long time in coming. Various security devices have been in existence for centuries and even millennia to keep homes safe from disaster, intruders, and even animals. Every home that’s ever existed has needed home security for its residents so that they could feel confident in the safety of their possessions and residence. So here’s a brief history of home security that might teach you just a little bit about how home security has worked over the years; you never know, you might receive some good ideas for your own home security system.

The Olden Days: Centuries of Home Security

Ancient Locksold lock

In the olden days, home security was accomplished just a little bit differently than it is today. And when we refer to the olden days here, we mean the really olden days. Ninevah, the ancient city that was abandoned in 612 B.C., created the first lock and key system, after which the Egyptians jumped on the bandwagon and created a pin lock with bolt and key. Ancient Rome was actually able to invent padlocks and tumbler locks as well as door locks; these have all been found in Roman ruins.

Ancient “Video Surveillance”

It took a bit more creativity back then because they didn’t have the technology that we do now, but in India around 200 B.C., they developed a device called a baoli that doubled as a well and a surveillance mechanism. How did it work? The baoli had several steps that led down into a well, which well could be reached from multiple access points underneath the ground. So along with access to water and keeping cool in India’s high temperatures, the water could reflect the entrance to the baoli and warn you if someone was coming. castle doorObviously they couldn’t record it with a home security camera, but if they were watching, they knew someone was coming before that person knew they were seen. How’s that for a reliable home security system?

Medieval Fortresses

We don’t so much employ the means that medieval societies did for home security. They built massive fortresses including castles with castle keeps. And then there were the moats and drawbridges and gates to keep everyone else out. All of these could last through months of attacks, keeping the castle safe from intrusion.

The 1800s: Home Alarm Systems and Monitoring Services

In the middle of the 19th century, Augustus Pope from Massachusetts made the first idea for a home alarm system in the form of an electrical circuit that would ring a loud bell when someone opened a secured door. It worked with magnetic sensors like some door locks use today. He sold his patent number 9802 to Edwin Holmes, now called the Father of the Burglar Alarm or the Father of Modern Security. And then in 1871, Edward Calahan used the telegraph to create the first monitoring service for a home security system, complete with a central monitoring station.

The 1960s: Marie Brown’s Visual Surveillance System

In 1966, foresighted black inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown created the very first closed circuit television home surveillance system. Way ahead of her time, she fashioned a system with a camera that could slide up or down and look through four different peepholes. The camera would always remain hidden from the outside. Additionally, the door could actually be unlocked with a remote control. Even though she did not have commercial success with her invention, Marie Brown has been recognized for having the right idea of what a home security system needed in today’s world.


The Home Security System of Today

In the home security system of today, we combine all of these aspects from our brilliant ancestors’ minds to make home security the best that it can be. We continue to rely on locks, gates, surveillance, deterrence devices, alarm systems, and monitoring services to deter and detect criminals from trespassing and stealing our possessions. And they all work quite well, thanks to the inspired inventions of those who came before us. Home security companies have the means and resources nowadays with our improved technology to create home security products that will successfully deter, detect, catch, incriminate, and prevent criminals from gaining access to your home and your belongings. We can do things to protect ourselves that ancient civilizations only dreamed of being able to do. If you’re interested in learning more about home security systems, click the banner on the side of the page and contact security experts in Charlotte today!

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